Week 2 response on Pedagogy


30 July 2013- Throughout my experiences, I believe that this pedagogy benefits the teacher. Therefore, it is important to emphasize and reinforce on the relationship. The Reggio Emilia approach stressed the importance of relationship of the children’s learning. The Reggio Emilia approach refers to the child being involved in experiential learning, or a “life project” whereby all the parties involved in the child’s life come together to help the child’s search for identity and meaning” (Connors, 2007 p. 8).  Creating a collaborative learning environment based on mutual respect where children, teachers and parents can particularly help the continued growth for every member. However, the main principles and values of the Reggio Emilia approach in practice can be summarized as relationship, creativity, environment, time, learning, and teaching and reflective practice (Thornton and Brunton, 2007).


Fraser, Susan. (2006). Authentic Childhood: Experiencing Reggio Emilia in the classroom. canada: Nelson


Week 2 Concept Map

29 July 2013- This is an online tool that needs to access to the internet connection. You will need to have internet connection in order to use this application. Besides that, I have discovered that, it is possible to download the mind map to PDF file, so that you can open the file without internet connection. Through text 2 mindmap application, I am able to organize and plan my thoughts into a mind map. I am able to break up my ideas into different grouping and easily text or paste it into the box, convert the font, size, color. It is all about throwing out the ideas onto a piece of paper; this mind map application helps me to structure out all my thoughts and organizes them orderly. Thus, I discovered that it can zoom inward and out ward, right and left, up and down. It is also able to download it into a JPEG format and PDF file.

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Short activity with answers


27 July 2013– ICT is a resourceful tool that stimulates children to explore on how technology works in a various ways. Incorporating IT skills in children’s learning has brought opportunities and possibilities to both teachers and children in their classes. It gives children the full potential to explore and enjoyed using ICT because they are able to learn new things and have fun. In my opinion, through the use of ICT, children can be motivated and engage themselves in learning. However, the use of interactive Smart board also makes the children to be more motivated in learning. Therefore, teachers should embrace the use these tools and resources by incorporating more ICT tools into the lessons. It is important to incorporate ICT in all subjects as it can enhance children’s learning and develop skills with the use of technology that children can learn throughout their life.

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Start up for EDC 3100 class



20 July 2013- My first day in class trying to create a new blog for the first time. Due to the first time and I’m not familiar with blogging and had never considered blogging. I have been struggling on how to figure out, set up, and register new blog. However, I have spent some time figuring out my page and reading other’s websites as well.

Before attending class, I had never blog and if anyone of my friend who had blogs. I would have laughed at them and taught it was just a diary for them to express themselves. However, I have started to blog due to doing this assignment for my class. I would say I tried to step out of my comfort zone due to this course trying to create my own blog. As a future educator, I would hope to engage more and learn new things when I blogged. 

Introduction of myself and the importance of ICT

Hello everyone, This is my first time in using Prezi as my presentation tool. Prezi is an online zooming presentation tool. Through prezi, I am able to organize my thoughts well and get the structures done easily. I do agree with Shireenthat prezi also captures the audience attention with all the visual links. The function of prezi is very unique and is something that can rotate, zoom in and out. Thus, one my favorite in prezi is the ability of the movement to be part of the presentation. Students and teachers can easily create free accounts on prezi. However, there are still many things that I need to learn about prezi in the future. Below is my first attempt in using Prezi.


‘ICT in Educati…

‘ICT in Education is important! ICT is one of the key skills needed to access and enrich learning of all kinds. It’s all about communication, and in the world in which our children are growing up, it is vital: whatever they do, they will have to be ICT-literate. “ICT connects all areas of the curriculum. The internet can be a powerful resource; if children aren’t connected at home school provision becomes even more important. ICT should be seen as a essential skill because if you aren’t using it all the time, you forget how to!” Clare Copeland (Naace,2013)