Bloom Taxonomy


22 August 2013- I have a chance to view the sites that was posted by David on the week 5 study desk. I have gained a meaningful insights and understanding on Kathy Schrock’s collection of different uses of Bloom taxonomy. I was amazed by the “cogs of cognition” by Kathy Schrock to represent each stage in the process. Instead of using the triangular shape of Bloom taxonomy, she has changed it into an “interlock cognitive process”. Her idea on the Bloom taxonomy has deepened my understanding and thinking. Moreover, the interlocking of cognitive process also benefits teacher and students understanding. 

Below is a set of Bloom’s digital taxonomies that support each of the level’s of Bloom’s revised taxonomy such as:

– Ipad

– Google

– Android

– Web 2.0

Next, the pedagogy wheel is a useful information and resource for teaching and learning. moreover, we need to use a correct tool or app for our learning context. for instance, we can use Bloom taxonomy as a guideline to help us discover new tools.


Educational origami. (2013). Bloom’s digital taxonomy. Retrieved August 20, 2013, from

Schrock, K. (2012). Bloomin’ apps. Retrieved from


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