Submitting Assi…

Submitting Assignment 3

I am almost done with my assignment. I am quite worried, hope I’m on the right track. I still have some editing parts to be done.  Next, I also agreed with Shireen and crystal that the part c lesson plan is quite difficult to score marks. As lesson plan worth 5 marks. Part b worth 10 marks and part d worth 20 marks.  I’m still struggling with it, looking at all the part A, B, C, D. Hoping so much to pass this subject. It has been a tiring week to juggle with work and assignment. Tomorrow is the day to submit my assignment 3. Hopefully I can finish editing and checking before submitting to Ease.  Documents to be submitted:- Cover sheet Rubrics  Context Lesson plan and  Reflection.


Set Up a Computer Corner in Classroom

Many kindergarten nowadays divide their classroom into different learning corners. At learning corners, teacher provides tools and educational toys that allow children to choose and work with independently. One of the example of learning corners is computer centre. In computer centre, children are allowed to play educational software and find out information about certain topics. However, setting up a computer corner in a classroom can be a little tricky as it may distract children’s attention during learning process.

First, teacher can set the computer centre in an area that is out of ‘traffic’, for example by locating the computer centre near the back of classroom where it will not disturb children’s trafiic flow but teacher can still observe on what the children play. Moreover, it is necessary for teacher to pay attention on how to keep the wires and socket out of children’s sight. For example by covering the wires with hollow plastic tubes. In addition, set computer corner far from art corner or science corner. As children work with water during art class and science experiment, it will be dangerous to put these corner next to computer corner. On the other hand, teacher can arrange bok corner near the computer to help children gain deeper knowledge through browsing if they cannot get the information from books.


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Last Week of Practicum

12 October 2013- Yesterday was my last day of practicum, it was quite a relieved. I have struggle over the past 3 weeks to balance with my work and children.
For the past three weeks I had the opportunity to do lots of individual and small group work. As I can see my students showed interest and fun towards the lessons. Throughout this professional practice and this course, I have been researching on how to incorporate ICTs into my classroom. But the main point is to make the learning fun and enjoyable for young children. Through this subject, I have been exposed to different kind and range of technologies in using for teaching and learning. Lastly, for now the challenge for me is to complete my assignment 3. Hopefully everything will be alright.

Why Parents Need to Educate Children to Use Technology Wisely?

Nowadays, technology has been integrated into children’s life. With computer in school, they have opportunities to play games and application while at home, they can have access to TV and Ipad. Thus, parents have responsibility on educate their children on how to use technology wisely. Bender (n.d.) as cited in Sorensen (2013) written that “parents need to be teaching their children responsible digital citizenship.” With a lot of things going on internet, children in 21st century can easily access almost everything on one click. Therefore, as the primary caregiver, parents need to be updated and catch up with advance technology, for instance by asking and involving themselves on their child’s technology usage.

In addition, parents cannot leave their children playing with computer alone. Parents should involve in what the children doing or at least watch them playing. It might need parents’ involvement on guiding and choosing educational applications for their kids. However, with technology involves in our lives 24/7, we cannot eliminate the importances of technology.

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Teaching Occupation Using Online Educational Software

8 October 2013- Today’s lesson I have students watch a YouTube video about “people in our community”, as I played the video, I emphasize on the “occupation” to the children. They also read along with me. Next, I engaged children in online educational games that are related to the school theme occupation. During my lesson, when I turn on the laptops, children had their eyes all focused/ glued to the screen. They were so excited when they move around with the touch screen mouse and the online games. Before letting the children to play with the online game, I demonstrated and gave clear explanation on the online game.

These are the links to games:-

This game focuses on the jobs and occupations. Through these online game activites children can play with vocabulary games, spelling games, grammar games, questions games to enhance their English language skills.

This game, children can learn about people of different professions, the work they do and what they use by doing a simple matching exercise. Children will need to match the objects to the correct profession.

Week 2 practicum

Last week was my second week with practicum. It was tense and stressful, as We have concert rehearsal everyday and I need to rush to implement my lessons.
Apart from that, I had enjoy planning lessons and guiding them in small groups and individual work. I did many hands on experience with my children, they really enjoyed it.
During my practicum, I found the most challenging part was to manage the children’s behavior as each of them has different personality. As I need to constantly correcting their behavior when they did something wrong. For example, when I took out the iPad during lesson, some of the children wanted to play with it.
Next, I do like the websites that provides information on iPad apps, as it was useful to enhance children’s learning.

Teacherkit, no classroom without it

3 october- TeacherKit is a personal organizer for teacher that can be downloaded on Ipad, Iphone, and Windows8 for free. By using TeacherKit application, teacher can collect students’ data, organize the class and student in efficient and easy way. Teacher can plan or rearrange the seating arrangement for students by holding the student’s picture and dragging it to its place. In addition, teacher can check students’ attendance through TeacherKit application. It also supports parent- teacher partnership as it helps teacher inform parents about their behaviour and progress in classroom. Teacher just needs to type in parents’ information then teacher can send email via TeacherKit.
Furthermore, there are various features in TeacherKit application such as:
 -Classes and Students
– Seating Charts
– Attendance
 -Behavior and Notes
– Import and Export Files
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